Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On top of things.

Hmmm. I wonder where my tax returns from last year could be?


The Other Lion said...

Oops. I actually got a filing cabinet for Christmas last year because of situations like this. I was ecstatic. ECSTATIC. I spent an entire Saturday filing every scrap of paper I own. But with you moving three times, I mean, yikes.

Laura said...

I'm actually downplaying my concern because were it just a matter of it being in my apartment, no problem. There's really only three or four places it could be. My real terror is that I thought it was in my "Personal" file in my work cabinet. Which ... it's ... not.

Come visit me and organize my papers :(

LBL said...

I'm so bad about that. I don't know how screwed I'd be if I ever got audited. Mike was seriously taken aback when I told him I probably threw them away.

Apparently those things are important. Who knew?

Kt said...

tell me about it. i mysteriously found my federal return from last year, but i couldn't find my state return. very annoying.
then, THEN, i found out that when i got my new job, payroll f-upped and had me paying dc instead of va taxes. now i have to pay into va and figure out how to get my dc taxes back. oi. apparently it is my fault too, for assuming payroll would process my paperwork correctly and not checking my paystubs. BLAH!
miss you ladies!

oma said...

Have you found the papers yet? It's been awhile:)