Sunday, June 8, 2008


I don't often take taxis, but took one this evening, and after, literally, spending nearly the entire cab ride mentally calculating what would be an appropriate tip and how best to pay utilizing a combination of a twenty dollar bill and a handful of ones to make for the simplest amount of change, I handed over some money, got out, shut the door, walked five steps, and realized I had

He had already driven away, and I was laden down with bags and couldn't run after him, and I felt--still feel--HORRIBLE and am wondering if any of you have a solution for this massive karma failure. Tip the next cabbie inordinately? Offer $2 to the next homeless person I pass? Pray that his next fare tipped him double?

I'd feel bad in any case, but this cab driver didn't even complain that I was going to Brooklyn--and THIS is how I rewarded him?

I know I was an English major, but this is math duncery of the most remedial sort.


liz said...

buy 2 cups of coffee and give one to that sick chick in your office...yeah do something like that. or buy a double fudge brownie for skinny jeans chick in the coffee shop, she's probably starving. xo miss you

Karen said...

ah, it happens. Pray blessings on the cabdriver... that's what I would do.

Sarah said...

at least you didn't do it on purpose. i think i would feel guilty too, and i would probably tip the next person i tip more than i usually would, or donate some to a charity or something. the tip karma will work out. :) love

The Other Lion said...

i was once on a date when my date didn't tip the waitress at all. i didn't have any money, so i couldn't leave a tip myself. it was too late to look and see what her name was, so i couldn't go back the next day. i will now always carry cash with me on a date or other outing even if i am not paying.

Patty said...

It was just an oversight. Don't beat yourself up about it. On our honeymoon (25 years ago!) my husband gave the cab driver $9 for an $8.90 cab fare and said, "Keep the change." The cab driver said very sarcastically, "Wow, thanks, buddy." I was so embarrassed.

When my husband leaves the tip in a restaurant, I am always sneaking a few bills under my plate.

Found your site through your mom's...hope you don't mind.

Traci said...

Laura, you should blog again so I have something to occupy me during these HORRIBLY LONG, BORING days at work. Also, because I love you and your blog.