Monday, January 11, 2010

Upon re-reading this post, I sound quite sci-fi.

It's a new week.

And I had the nicest weekend. We slept in both days, and on Saturday went to see Avatar in 3D; Shelby came over and Chris made jambalaya and we watched the special features on our Star Trek Bluray (!) disc. On Sunday I painted my nails and tidied the place and did laundry and knitted and we took down the tree.

Consequently, I avow to be a more cheerful bird this week.

What about you? What are you up to this week? I need to go shopping for a baby shower this weekend (one that is ending at the same time that a certain football game starts. My poor Saints-cheering husband is deciding whether he's going to drive me to the shower as he had previously blithely agreed to or let me brave my uninsured self behind the wheel...)


liz said...

Oh tell him to quit it. Find a good sports bar in the area, spend a little extra time after the shower with sweet Catherine and her lovely mom. Then go manger-manger on potato skins and buffalo wings while Chris finishes watching the game. That's what I would do at least ;)... Can't wait for you guys to get here. xo

d. said...

I've seen Star Trek three times now, and I could watch it another three times. Particularly dying to see it on Blu-ray. Come up and we'll cook gourmet pizza and watch it on our big screen!