Thursday, April 15, 2010

A N T Meh

Last night I realized that I am not enjoying this season of America's Next Top Model the way I usually do. What is up with the girls in the house? Not only do they appear to be the most busted-looking set of all time (no easy feat after certain cycles), but they suck. I hate how the show's editors are orchestrating a house conflict that unfortunately seems to be drawn along, if not racial, at least economic lines. And I don't want to side with the snotty white girls, but Alasia is SO DUMB. And Angelea is SO HORRIBLE. I can't stand to look at her. SURELY COVER GIRL MAKES UNDEREYE CONCEALER? Like, how can the judges (more on them in a minute) call Jessica out on her perfectly fine shoes while failing to notice that Angelea resembles nothing so much as THE WALKING DEAD?

Spoilers below.

I think Krista is so gorgeous, but she can't model for beans! I couldn't believe no one called her out on her dead eyes in her photo last night. Thank heavens they finally sent that whiny baby Brenda home after allowing her to stick around for far too long. (Also counting blessings: that we weren't left with Ren for longer than we were.) So who remains (in the running towards becoming America's. Next. Top. Model)?

Sourpuss Anslee
Glazed Eyes Krista
Wicked Witch of the West Angelea
Certified Moron Alasia
Surface-Sugar-Sweet-But-I-Suspect-Secret-Mean-Girl Jessica
Denise Richards Raina, who should probably win, and will, judging by the way that they're downplaying her currently, since it's only the middle of the season.
I had to think for sixty seconds before I remembered "Plus Size" Alexandra, who's probably the prettiest of all the girls but lacks confidence and consequently personality so severely that they aren't even giving her air time at this point.

The worst of all are the judges. I was hoping Andre Leon Talley would bring a much needed dose of high fashion to the show, but he's not only ridiculously off base most of the time, he's not even amusing. Sure, he's less condescending than I expected him to be, but his French vocab lessons make me want to puke. And I could not believe that they picked on Jessica's, as I said, perfectly acceptable shoes (and then put her in the bottom three because she said "You're kidding me, right?", mirroring the audience's thoughts), when Tyra week after week shows up in a ridiculous jumpsuit aimed at kissing Andre's ass. I mean, my heavens, I never in my life thought that NIGEL--yes, sleazy smarmy Nigel--would by default become my favorite--or, least unfavorite?--judge.

Don't even get me started on Lost.

To end on a positive note, though, Fringe is rocking.

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Alison said...

You've so nailed it. These girls are effing ridiculous. I was getting uncomfortable watching all of the yelling frankly. Like it's ghetto. And when Tyra made a crack about Nigel and Andre finally agreeing on something I thought steam was going to come out of Nigel's ears.