Monday, May 24, 2010

The morning after

I'm happy for all those of you who liked last night's Lost finale, I really am. I'm not being snarky. I wish I could have felt the same way. I was enjoying it for about the first half. I did cry when Sun and Jin saw their baby on the monitor. And also at the end, although those may have been tears of rage.

As much as I would have preferred having all the answers presented, I'm okay without them (you know, what was the statue? why did the Others kidnap people on lists that Ben gave them in season 1? why was Walt special? why did Widmore have rules too? etc. I can deal) save one:

I can't believe they never really explained what the island was supposed to be.

Well, there're a lot of things I can't believe, actually, but I'm just going to go with "It was a great show a lot of the time and maybe some day I'll watch seasons 1 and 2 again."


Traci said...

Yep. Exactly, exactly, exactly. I have been terrified for a whole year that I wouldn't understand the ending, and that's bascially what's happened. I mean, I get what they told us, but there are just WAAAY to many leftover questions. I feel like they could have done a better job of utilizing this season's time. As much as I enjoyed the Richard Alpert backstory episode, did it really need to be a whole hour long?

ugh! I'm done now.

Laura said...

I can't even get into all the little things but I have to admit that as angry as I was at the end, I did get REALLY teary when Jack said "I'll see you in another life, brother" to Desmond. Even though, through my tears, I was gritting my teeth that you know they wrote that whole scene/probably plotted the whole season JUST FOR THAT.

Karen said...

well, I haven't watched the show, saving it for dvd's - but I did appreciate the link you posted, Laura, from the NY Times - seems like the Meaning wasn't given in the finale, but it works for those who can just go with the story lines as alternate universes, whatever. I think I'm glad to know the disappointment before I settle down to watch the whole thing. Good show to watch next (on dvd): The Wire. and oh yes, Fringe.

Jennie said...

I didn't watch it, haven't watched it since Ben got his daughter shot. But I LOOOOVED the first couple seasons, and am disappointed to hear that things weren't really resolved. Did you read the reviews over at Jezebel? That and Pajiba are where I get all my LOST news. I can buy what they were going for, I guess, but the end doesn't sound like it would be satisfying to me. Although I am glad Kate and Jack were together; I was always rooting for those two. Maybe we can write really bad fanfic for ourselves that explains Nikki and Paolo, the sideways world, Widmore's menace, etc?