Monday, February 4, 2008

Well THAT was pretty much the most exciting game in the history of football.

The pandemonium in my living room last night--as three elated Giants fans, one horrified Patriots fan, and one sympathetic neutral alternatively jumped up and down screaming and slumped over on the couch in shock and disbelief--was no match for the wild honking and cheering from the streets outside.

Parade on Tuesday!

And now, back into the breach. I don't think "one day at a time" is doable. Maybe "one hour at a time" or even "one email at a time." But I do have a fun weekend with Katie to smile over as I wade in.

Further: People around here can't stop beaming. You know, I'd never watched football until I met Chris, who made me turn my back on my half-hearted Redskins loyalty for his lifelong Giants devotion, but games like last night make me realize just why people watch. I mean, did you see this????


Sarah said...

i had so much fun! we were watching in a bar here in nelson with more americans that i had met up until this point on the trip. it was SO AWESOME! you should have heard the noise we made. :)

i don't usually watch football, but you know, when you are living abroad and feeling a little homesick...!

Laura said...

I told everyone you were dialing in live from NZ! The Alicia Keys text, though, we were she in the future? We didn't see her!

Sarah said...

haha! it was probably cause of us having to watch it on espn? anyway, we missed all the good commercials too....sad!

liz said...

need an update...please