Monday, May 19, 2008


Chris came home and smooched me, and heated up some more leftovers for us, skinny jeans or no skinny jeans. Also, I didn't have any cavities (I have never had any cavities), and I don't need my wisdom teeth out yet. You know, any OTHER dentist would have patted me on the head for that.


The Other Lion said...

i wonder what they would say to me? i was supposed to go to the dentist myself today at 4, but realized i needed to chicken out because my sister is visiting and i found a sliding-fee clinic. since i will be needing a crown, i will also be requiring a sliding fee clinic. =)

liz said...

Taylor can't wait to make it all better. Looking forward to Friday!

Sarah said...

i don't understand this three month follow up. for what? i have never had one, i only have every gone once a year when i used to go. stupid dentists.

also, i feel the same way about skinny jeans wearing people. i feel like a hippo.

i love you and i am not lying about calling you, it's just awkward with the time differences. i promise though!