Thursday, May 29, 2008

Take a memo.

When you're so sick with a cold that your voice sounds like a croak, don't come in to work.

When you're so sick with a cold that you hack up half a lung every twenty minutes, don't force your wall-mate to listen to the phlegm parade--don't come into work.

When you're so sick with a cold that you sniffle pitifully through each phone call, don't play the martyr--don't come into work!

When you're so sick with a cold that in one day you've already made your boyfriend catch the same cold, don't come into work--and don't ruefully tell your coworkers this story. If you insist on relating it, please stay in the doorway--don't come any closer.

And when you're so sick with a cold but you've done us all this huge favor and come into work because you feel the company will stop functioning in your absence; and when everyone your superior has told you not once but multiple times in genuinely concerned and then increasingly irritated voices to go home--GO HOME!

If not for your health, than for OURS, both physical and, at this point in the day, mental.

This PSA brought to you by someone who probably will have to call in sick to work tomorrow.


liz said...

Ummmmm, I'm sorry miss, but I think my little ones may have given you such illness. Taylor Eve has been snotting milk, poor lil' thing.

Laura said...

Oh, it's not me who's sick--it's the person who sits next to me. ARGH!

liz said...

thank goodness