Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wedding March (to the wall).

The first question on everyone's lips is "Do you have a date?" followed by "Where's it going to be?" followed, oddly, by "Do you have your colors picked out?"

The short answers are no, maybe Virginia, and omgnopleasedon'tstressmeout.

My mom is doing the legwork and researching locales, which is so nice of her. She doesn't know it yet, but she might be planning the whole wedding, because every time I look at (which is all of once) I have a heart attack. I'm fine with looking through wedding magazines because so many of the things I see I DON'T care for so it's easier for me to feel inspired by what I do like, but whenever I browse the Internet I come away feeling totally discouraged. This morning I spent twenty minutes on that blog Brooklyn Bride and there were SO MANY gorgeous, unique, stylish color combinations, invitation samples, bouquet ideas, etc that I feel like weeping. How will I ever decide? How in this plethora of fabulous options am I going to be able to choose something that both reflects Chris's and my personalities and won't leave me feeling like "But I could have also chosen that, or that, or that..."

I think the answer is going to have to be, no web browsing allowed. I want this wedding to be beautiful and fun, but I think by necessity it's going to have be eclectic and funky, because Chris and I are eclectic and funky, and because we don't want a cookie-cutter wedding--not just because that's not totally us, but also because if I tried to pick my favorite elegant combos out of the millions of options I'd wind up in a psych ward. We are blessed to be two creative people and to have families filled with creative people whom we plan to utilize (Shelby: invitation design! Liz: engagement photos! Mom: flower arrangements!). So here are my wedding priorities, and you can all help me remind myself of these over the next year or two (depending on when we find a location and can book it) whenever I'm spazzing out:

1. Have fun. This is going to be my only wedding and I want to enjoy the process, not become a basket case.
2. Don't turn into a bridezilla. Because I want it to be fun for my fiance and family, too.
3. Organize a wedding at which guests will have fun. Because it doesn't matter how exquisite are your tuberoses if everyone leaves early.
4. Have good food. Can frequently contribute to #3.
5. Have a setting and decor that leaves me feeling happy and satisfied, and that I come up with in a way that doesn't make me yearn for something I saw on design*sponge, and that doesn't break the bank.

This last, if I am to be realistic, should maybe move to the top. :)

Anyway, my point is, I'm taking this all with a huge grain of salt and a sense of humor! So please feel free to send me ideas, I won't be offended. As long as you come and dance the night away.


Traci said...

I promise you...if you make the first three your absolute priority, the other two will come perfectly naturally, and it will be fantastic.

d. said...

Our philosophy is that the ceremony is for the happy couple, and the reception is for everybody else. I think that's a healthy way to look at it. :)

LBL said...

Laura, didn't you know you were supposed to have this all figured out the day you got engaged? :) I can't believe you haven't picked out invitations yet!

It'll be fun. STRESSFUL. But fun none the less, and I am certainly looking forward to it.

The Other Lion said...

Go with plaid; the colors will go with everything.

btw, chris totally got jipped on his souvenier.


liz said...

I love everyone's comments. I must say Laura if you weren't overwhelmed with all of this I would think that my brother was marrying an alien. Look on the bright side, you've already got a ton of great, solid ideas. Maybe a planning journal will help keep you thoughts in line and less omg!?

Rae C Holmes said...

Congrats Laura! From another girl who was really overwhelmed by bridal STUFF to another - try to filter out as much of that marketing garbage as you can & enjoy it! No doubt you will.

I saw the link to your blog on Liz's.

Best wishes,
Rachel (Coursey) Holmes

PS Looks like you have a lot of talented cupcake making friends too!

Sarah said...

i think you will be fine! and if you should ever need to vent or cry or something, you know where to find me. :)