Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddy dearest.

I've been meandering my way up to writing a post about the economy, saving money, planning a wedding in this economic climate, visitors, etc, but then I saw THIS and it jarred me out of my lazy blogging torpor:

"A new father has named his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin as an endorsement for Republican ticket...and without his wife's consent. Mark Ciptak of Tennessee says he picked the name to "get the word out" for McCain-Palin because he can't give a lot of money to the campaign. "I took one for the cause," he said. He wrote the name on the documents for his daughter's birth certificate, ignoring the name his wife picked, Ava Grace. “I don’t think she believes me yet,” said Ciptak. “It’s going to take some more convincing.” Yeah, it'll probably sink in when she sees the name written in the divorce documents." [The Knox News]--via Jezebel

WHAT an ASSHOLE. Even if he named the kid Michelle Barack Obama, I don't care. SHE DID ALL THE WORK! Holy crap, someone should punch that guy in the face.


The Other Lion said...

i can't even imagine. oh, yes i can. i bet anything jason would have written "victor" on the birth certificate. what a tool! she just gives birth and has a beautiful name ready and wants to mommy and now the media is jumping down their throats because her husband decided to use their child as a political commentary/joke. gawd. how selfish.

Kathy said...

I bet they will have it legally changed, I mean common. I love the bit about divorce papers, Laura.

d. said...

Hahahaha... I love it.

liz said...

I guess that's better than naming her Cindy John McCain :o)

sarah said...

apparently the mom is "accepting" of the name now.

but i wonder how the daughter will feel in about 14 years.