Monday, April 6, 2009

April showers.

Even when there's not much to say, I've decided I'm going to start giving you pretty things to look at :)

This is from Garance Dore, one of my favorite street style blogs. She's got incredible taste, always finding people who look fresh. There's a lot I love about this outfit: the way the brightness of the scarf and dress play against the muted taupe of the coat; the way the sleeves of the striped shirt poke out from the shorter jacket sleeves; the striped shirt itself--I have, at last count, five striped shirts, three of them alone black and white, and I wear them with EVERYTHING. They make EVERY outfit better--; the scarf itself, which looks like one I bartered from my mom. I also like it when people wear scarves bulked up around their necks.

I tried to pay homage to this outfit a month or so ago, with a navy-and-turquoise colorblock shift dress that someone had given me over black-and-white striped shirt (Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart, and I wish I'd bought more than one, as it fits perfectly and keeps its shape through washings) number one. Black tights, black shoes. Over the dress and shirt I ware a three-quarter sleeved chunky charcoal sweater coat. It was one of those days where I made an extra trip to the bathroom just to admire my outfit (not something I'm usually thinking about at work most days, but I'll take a jolt of confidence where I can get it). Wow, this post got really silly along the way. Silly is, however, better than whining!


the other lion said...

That made me smile. Love ya!

sarah said...

that is how i aspire to dress. it's difficult though, when my work has a dress code. that was written in like the 80s. (really, i can wear stirrup pants if i want. it's in the dress code!)