Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I need an art project.

Any suggestions? I've realized a large part of the reason I've been thinking so obsessively about wedding stuff (and, to a lesser extent, er, shopping stuff) is because I need to fill up my brain with something else. Now, don't tell me to read a book, because I read books for work all the time. While I could use some good grown-up book recs, I can't promise my eyes will hold up.

I've been having a lot of fun practicing my handwriting for addressing the invitations, but honestly, it's getting kind of ridiculous. So unless you have any addressing jobs you'd like to pass off on me, do you have any suggestions for something arty I can do in these long summer evenings?


sarah said...

i wish we lived closer, i could teach you to knit. then you could make felted bowls! (i plan on making some...as soon as i finish those hats...)

Karen said...

how about some pen and ink drawings? Collect some natural objects and make little drawings. Turn them into note cards that you can give your mama.

Kt said...

this is going to sound so typical coming from me, but on martha's website, she has a daily craft section. something new and crafty to do each day. i bet if you perused it you'd find something funky!

and wait a second... wasn't you who taught me to cast-on? do you want to borrow the knitting for dummies book you gave way back when?

liz said...

I can give you my spare camera and you can start shooting, the lighting is best in the evenings after work hours. Where the two of you are at right now is really a magical place, Brooklyn, no kids, engaged, soon to be newlyweds... I don't have a fancy lens I can lend you, but can give you some pointers on aperture settings, shutterspeeds and ISO readings. You won't blow your wedding budget on this as a hobby either :) Just let me know, I'll get it all cleaned up for your visit this coming weekend. Can't wait. Smudge and A-man miss their Laura :(