Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Morning conversation with my mom.

Mom: "You didn't check my Facebook page yesterday."
Laura: "Oh, I'm sorry. I never log in to Facebook anymore.* Why, what happened?"
Mom: "I ran into a bear."
L: "What??"
M: "I went out for my morning run and on the way back I stopped at the mailbox to get the paper. I was walking up the hill and I looked up, and there he was, ten yards in front of me! So I backed away and turned around and walked very slowly back to the road."
L: "Boy...I worry about a lot of things all the time but it never occurred to me to worry about you being attacked by a bear on your runs."

*My grandmother berates me for not logging into Facebook, too. "Well, if you'd logged in, you would have seen that your cousin had the ultrasound and it's a girl!" Etc. The older generation is much more enthusiastically techy than I, apparently.


liz said...

I was going to talk with you about this... ;) I feel bad not telling you about your mom's encounter.

Amanda said...

I liked facebook better before my aunts and uncles found it. Ack.

(Sooo happy your mom's ok. Gah.)

Laura said...

1. Liz, for heaven's sake, don't feel bad! Clearly, I need to log in once every few days ;)

2. I don't actually mind, 'cause I like to see the photos of my mom from the '70s that her high school friends post :-D