Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why she's my maid of honor.

Printer called; because part of the invitation suite is being printed in CMYK (or something or other) they can't match the Pantone I'd provided and suggested either a yellow yellow or an orange orange.

I said, Let me think about it, hung up, mildly spazzed out, called my sister, who talked me down from the ledge and agreed with me that instead of sticking with our two-color design for the piece in question, it would be better to have it be one color, gray on white, rather than introducing yet another shade into the suite. So it might be boring, but better in our minds to be simple than to look fussy or unplanned. I called back and explained this to the printer and they said "Okey doke" and that everything would ship on Friday as planned.

Then I googled the Pantone shade they WERE matching for the OTHER pieces of the suite (are you bored yet?) and freaked out yet again because it looks SO CANARY in the Google image search! I described my heart palpitations to my sister some more, upon which she got up from her desk, found her office Pantone booklet, snapped a phone pic and emailed it to me for reassurance.

She's the best.


the other lion said...

sisters are the best. you've got a good one, too. =)

liz said...

so is it pantone? or gray? Yes Shelby rocks on so many levels and man does she know her design stuff :)

Jennie said...

So seriously. I understand exactly why you freaked out. My monitor tells me different things at home and at work, and it's incredibly frustrating.