Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh, Internets.

I had to leave a response to a question my cousin asked me on Facebook, and on her Facebook page she had voted "No" in a "Will you reelect Obama?" poll, and I couldn't help it, I clicked "Yes," and now it shows up on my wall for all my conservative relatives to see, and my wedding is in two weeks and a day. Gahhh.

I had an awesome time in the Twin Cities--speaking of Facebook, I'm waiting for a certain person (Sarah) to post pics to Facebook so I can provide hilarious recaps.


Jennie said...

They can't say anything mean - you are the princess of your wedding day. I thought of you tonight at Jo-Ann. Still no marigold pretties.

the other lion said...

ya, sarah! get busy!

i am SO excited. i may go try on my dress again.

sarah said...

I'm going to! I'm going to! I've had a fabulously crap-tastic and super busy week. TGIF indeed.

Amanda said...

I am often tempted to do this, but then FEAR overcomes me. You are a braver woman than I.