Friday, August 28, 2009

Heels kicking up!

My workplace is mostly female, but once upon a time we had one amiable boy among us, and when he got engaged and his wedding date drew near we thought it would be HILARIOUS if all us girls took him to Hooters for his "bachelorette" party. And we did, and it was awesomely fun, and spawned a tradition whereby whenever any of us got a new job or had a wedding date approaching we'd take her (like I said, there was only one boy) to Hooters for some wings and $2.50 Bud Lights.

Last night was my turn, and this morning I've got the headache (and the balloons) to prove it.

And in what is extending into an entire bachelorette weekend, tonight I am off to the Midwest for a college girl reunion, complete with makeup trial, Mall of America shopping, and ... other things I don't know about since apparently all of the email planning exchanges have deliberately excluded me. I can't WAIT!


liz said...

Take pictures, especially of the makeup trial. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Miss you!

sarah said...

I miss you already, and it's only been like five hours!