Sunday, August 2, 2009

Get ready for impossible adorable.

This weekend I didn't do any of the chores I set out for myself--laundry, bathroom scrubbing, floor mopping, etc. Instead, yesterday I went to yoga and then we went over to Shelby's to help her move some stuff and pick up her new mattress. Then we went to Williamsburg and had French food and margaritas in a pint glass (not at the same place) and flopped in the grass in McCarren Park and watched the sun go down. Today we got up around 9 and took the train to the Upper West Side and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, where we met Shelby for church. When we got home around 2, it was raining hard enough that the day seemed to call for pajamas, chai, and watching old VHS tapes on the recently-installed-in-the-bedroom TV. (Chris's mom and stepdad generously gave us a new television for our wedding present, to which Chris has been glued ever since he discovered The Wire the other week. The old TV doesn't get any channels, but it DOES have a built-in VCR and I can see it from my bed. Awesome.) I watched Cold Comfort Farm and Blackadder in regal Anglophile comfort.

The only other task I managed to accomplish today was getting all the photos on our camera onto a computer so I could (I mean, can--still haven't done it) photograph some clothes and shoes I want to sell on eBay, a to-do item leftover since May. At this point in the summer, I doubt anyone's going to be buying my unused sandals. Sigh.

So here you go, some photos of someone a thousand percent cuter than Daniel Radcliffe: our little goddaughter Taylor, soon to be the most adorable flower girl in the history of weddings.

Here I am with Auntie Laura waiting for the guests to arrive for my first birthday party.

I am up waaaayy past my bedtime...but I am so cute that the grownups just can't bear to put me to bed.

Here I am in Herald Square, waiting to be discovered by Baby Gap photographers.

It's Christmas! Is my new stuffed hippo going to eat me, or am I going to eat it??

More first birthday pics...I love sitting with my Uncle Bo-be and playing with his glasses.


What can I say? I'm cute. I can't help it.


sarah said...

That sounds like an ideal weekend!

I watched Cold Comfort Farm yesterday too! Except mine was on DVD, and it kept pausing. Still, I will never tired of "There'll be no butter in hell!"

Laura said...

Watching CCF made me think of you! "Worst fears realized. Seth and Reuben too. Send magazines."

Jennie said...

SO unbelievably cute! Also, I have to admit I only really love Blackadder for ol' Hughie.