Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glass slippers.

These are the shoes I first saw in a magazine that made me want pale blue shoes for my wedding.

Ten months and many shoe shopping sites later, I gave up on that idea. I couldn't find shoes in a blue that pleased me, and this specific pair are Christian Louboutins (which is translated in English as "way out of my price range").

Instead I bought silver ones from Macy's in a sinfully exact knockoff style. The heel is much shorter and there's a strap across the ankle and they are, as I said, silver and not blue, but the toe design is ridiculously, probably illegally, similar. I love them so much I don't mind that they poke out slightly from under my dress.

Three and a half weeks!

Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs.


Kathy said...

Those shoes are gorgeous. I can't wait to see them poking out from under your dress!

Jennie said...

Ooo, so beautiful. The Macy's version will be more comfortable anyway. :)