Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy news.

I almost had a heart attack a few minutes ago.

Email from bridesmaid to Laura: "...Laura? Can you send me your phone number; I have something I need to tell you."
Laura: (Feeling worried) "Sure, here it is!"
Ring ring.
BM: "Is this a bad time?"
Laura: "No, no, I'm so glad to hear your voice! What's up?"
BM: "I'm calling to say I can't -- "
Laura: heart attack heart attack heart attack
BM: "wear that dress after all."
Laura: MASSIVE RELIEF. "Oh my gosh, that's okay! I was so worried you were going to say you couldn't be in the wedding and I would be so sad!"
BM: "And the reason I can't wear it is because I won't be able to fit into it....because I'm pregnant!"
Laura: screams, jumps up and down, shuts office door, screams some more in a whisper, gets off phone, and bursts into tears of happiness!

My oldest friend is having a baby! We used to go to ballet class together when we were under ten years old. I was in her wedding in 2004. I am so happy and excited for her and her husband!

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