Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just dance.

What a weekend!

On Friday Liz and the kids arrived. We tromped around the neighborhood, getting slushy ices and winding up in a playground with a sprinkler for A-man, or should I say, Captain Green Arrow (his Friday persona). Indian take-out for dinner and lots of snuggling with my squidgie-girl. Right now there's this thing that she does--she gives a little sidelong grin and starts wiggling her shoulders and her little diapered bottom. Sometimes she does it when music's playing, sometimes she does it when you say, "Dance, Taylor!" and sometimes she just does it for fun, but any way you slice it it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. She's also discovered a hard "k" sound and likes to say "Ka-ka" which, due to its similarity to another word, sets her brother off in hysterical giggles. Austin laughing hard is also one of the cutest things I know.

Saturday we said sad but excited goodbyes, for the next time we'll be together is at the wedding (which is one month from today...had to mention it). Then it was off to the airport to pick up Lion.

Lunch at a Mexican restaurant complete with strawberry margaritas...followed by Erin Brockovich on the VCR for old times sake, a soothing backdrop to tequila-fueled naps. Then we drove out to Coney Island, took pictures that are now, I sadly suspect, in the hands of someone felonious, walked around Prospect Park, had dinner in a pub, and snapped more (also lost) photos of the view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade.

Up the next morning and drove to Massachussetts for an amazing wedding. Atop a mountain, with views of trees and rivers and under a sun whose blaze reflected the happiness of the crowd, my old, good friend Derek married the most special girl, someone absolutely perfect for him (and he for her). The wedding set new standards in taste and elegance, from the green and white palette to the repeated use of two simple fonts in each printed material, to the way the bride and groom incorporated their family's Italian and Armenian language and traditions into moments throughout the night. For instance, as a surprise to everyone and in honor of Derek's late beloved uncle, they brought a belly dancer to perform for the crowd, which was incredible. And I got to jump around the dance floor to Lady Gaga, so the evening was DEFINITELY a success. (Especially for whomever made off with Lion's camera, sigh. But, like the story of the rabbi and the poor man's cow, it may all be for a reason. Better her camera than her wallet.)

The next day we piled into the car (our party now including Sarah) and toured Amherst, Northampton, and all of Connecticut. We made it to LaGuardia in good time for Erika's flight and I've spent the last couple days enjoying a lovely visit with Sarah. Pizza, cupcakes, and the Brooklyn Bridge last night.

And now there's only one month to go! So much to fill the time between then--a trip to Minneapolis to see some of my girls, the Race for the Cure in Central Park (more on that soon), and to-do list, list, list. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!


Kt said...
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Kt said...

a picture says a 1,000 words... this one maybe more.

so much fun seeing you! and i'm totally excited to paaaaaaaaarty with you at your wedding :)

Laura said...

10,000 words, totally!!