Thursday, August 20, 2009

Before the Boleyn girls.

I've never read a Philippa Gregory, but I just saw a review for her new book, The White Queen, from the perspective of Elizabeth Woodville, the sister-in-law of Richard III (a mystery I've always been fascinated by)...I think I might be saving some Borders coupons for this one.


Traci said... tell when you've finished it. I've always sort of danced around her in the book store.

kimberly.m.smith said...

I've read a handful of her books, they ranged from 'good' to 'horrible'. The better ones are entertaining, but I've never felt her historical detail has been entirely believable. I don't bother with her books anymore... Let us know what you think.

Kt said...

i can't help but be sucked in by her - thought i've only read one. let me know if this one is worth a hardback price (i'm a paperback lover, can't help it).