Friday, August 14, 2009

Five weeks from tomorrow.

Five times seven is, what...thirty-five? So, thirty-six days till our wedding. Holy. Cow.

Almost all of the big stuff is, knock on wood, done...but there are still a lot of little details to clear up. We'll get there. I've been crossing one thing off my list every two days or so. Yesterday we buckled down and just chose ceremony songs over email--enough with the dithering. We still need wedding bands. (We've been to like five jewelers at this point.) However, even if we tie string around each other's fingers, we'll be there and the minister will be there and everyone should be getting fed. What more do you need?

A really nice weekend about to start...a visit from Liz and the kiddos; Erika flies in tomorrow; Sunday we drive up to Massachussetts for Derek's wedding; Sarah comes to stay from Monday through Thursday.

Happy Friday!


Traci said...

Yay for all of that! You seem ready and quite chill, which is great! I can't wait!

Jennie said...

There's always, etc. Do you want matching ones? Or e-mail me and I'll take piccies and sizes to our jeweler, who is WONDERFUL. Also, find ribbon wrap yet?