Friday, February 19, 2010

I finally figured out my dream job

I've been really good about not buying things lately, but the Liberty of London for Target collection is coming up in March and I am painfully excited. I LOVE Liberty of London. I wrote on my other blog about how I couldn't resist snagging a Liberty of London for Pottery Barn Kids duvet cover (even though it's for a twin bed. Hey, it'll come in handy SOMEDAY). On March 14 I do not know how I will restrain myself from buying every single thing. I definitely want the teapot...and maybe some of the clothes...and it looks like they have about if I don't get any pillows? Chris will kill me if I bring another throw pillow into our apartment. It's like Anne of the Island's boarding house in there. And how about if I don't get any dishes that are made of plastic? (But they'd be so cute for a little girl's tea table. What if I got them for Taylor? Is that a good excuse?) My floral print obsession is going to be the end of me.

How can I get hired by Liberty?? Aside from not living in England nor being trained in textile design, clearly I am meant for it.


roonstuff said...

As I said a while back, anything you want for the old Target and can't get on-line I can snag for you at the store. I kid you not when I say I have at least 10 stores within 20 minutes of me. I drive by 2 just on the way to work.

Traci said...

It's ridiculous, but I want the bike.