Monday, February 8, 2010

We'll make it through this winter yet

The news headlines continue to alarm me, but so far my 2010 has been pretty nice. We've been having people over / over to people's places for dinner several times, I went to a baby shower and also to a super-fun and funny Twilight-themed birthday party, and last night the Saints won the Super Bowl, which was a good thing or you might have seen a room full of grown men cry. Oh, and I finally got a haircut and a mint-green manicure.

And now Valentine's Day is almost upon us! Which, I don't care, I love. How can you not love a holiday that's all about pink, red, flowers, and chocolate?

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Kt said...

i love it too! look for my post soon on my valentine's day culinary treats! (i can't help but be crafty with this holiday, despite my cynicism...)