Monday, June 7, 2010

The answer: distraction.

I'm back.

Upside: I didn't have any voicemails waiting for me. I get to move into a nicer cubicle by a window.

Downside: I'm back.

However, I'm making some changes. I'm quitting Twitter. I'm going to try to drink green tea in the morning instead of coffee...and cut out sugar, or at least cut back (we'll see how THAT goes). I'm going to organize my closet and clean up my bedroom. And I'm going to leave on time every day. Also, if I lose 8 pounds by July 15 I'm going to buy a new dress for Chris's cousin's wedding. So you guys should send me your links.


the other lion said...

i'm going to ignore that you said anything about losing weight because i am guilty of such silliness as well and tell you that i am really hope you get to leave work on time every day!

the other lion said...

Wait. How did you manage to not have any voicemails?