Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peanut butter pie

I'm back! Bet you didn't know I was gone. Well, aside from gone from blogging, seemingly. Anyway, I flew to Washington state for a few days to visit Kathy and Erin, in honor of Erin's golden birthday, which was yesterday. We had a fantastic time of cooking, baking, eating, bocce-playing, garage sale-ing, and camping. I got the first five Harry Potter DVDs for $10, a Marc Jacobs sundress for $7.50, and a cute teacup and saucer, among many other finds. Erin scored most: she got a free puppy.

Now I am back at work after some epic traveling. Let's just say Continental can kiss my butt. As can the one United "customer service" rep who was a total jerkface. Otherwise, though, United redeemed itself, as did Delta despite a four-hour delay that got me home and to bed around 4:30 a.m. on Monday. And if you're wondering why one trip involved three airlines, well, so am I. Orbitz? Care to answer?

Today is my birthday, and Chris got up early and made me pancakes and coffee. I love him so much!


Karen said...

wow, pancakes and coffee. He's a keeper! And, peanut butter pie? who made? sounds awfully yummy

the other lion said...

=) I'll take the short stack, please!

Laura said...

Erin and I made the peanut butter pie. It was DELICIOUS!