Monday, October 25, 2010

Best of New Jersey

On one of our frequent trips through New Jersey, Chris, Shelby and I got off the clogged turnpike and found ourselves speeding (comparatively) up 295 and thence onto Rt. 1. It was around dinnertime on a Sunday evening. We missed the turnoff for Five Guys, happily as it turned out, because when the Skylark Diner in Edison showed up in the windshield we made a screeching right turn.

What followed was one of our top 20 meals of all time. Chris and Shelby had the prime rib burger but my burger au poivre won the day, with its creamy dark pepper sauce and its oodles of mushrooms piling up all around. The malt vinegar french fries and the huge glass of red wine were similarly delicious. 

And that concludes my best of New Jersey.

Ha ha, just kidding. The hospital in Red Bank where I was born is also worth noting.

(I really am just kidding, Jersey readers!)

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Alice Dahms said...

You've never had a meal at "Alice's Restaurant" in Haddonfield, NJ! Try it, you'll like it! We aim to please... :)