Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World's best breakfast

We were at Oriole 9 in Woodstock two years ago on New Year's Day where I had an eggs benedict that changed my world. This time, Chris ordered the same dish that he got last time--corned beef hash with eggs over medium--and I had a forest mushroom and gruyere omelette that REALLY changed my world. Holy heavenly, Batman! And then we also had their amazing coffee and I lucked out and got a free chai latte because the waitress had made it for someone who had failed to specify that she wanted it vegan.

If you live in the city and have a car, this place is worth the hour and a half drive. SO worth it.


WorkingGirlsShoeCloset said...

I'm CONVINCED! If only I didn't live in LA! BUT, i will *have* to make it up there next time I go to NYC...

If you're interested, here's my blog:


MsALWalker said...

Okay, NOW I'm hungry. :-)