Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Chris is so sweet. Because I sat (aghast) through Shoot 'Em Up, he's agreed to go with me to see ... Enchanted.

I'd like to say I want to see it because it's been getting such great reviews, but ... the truth is ... I've secretly wanted to see it since the previews. The reviews only gave me the courage to bring it up.

Chris says he doesn't mind going to see it at all, because he thinks Amy Adams is such a good actress, especially in Junebug.

I think Patrick Dempsey is such a good actor, too. Yessiree. Especially in that one episode of Grey's Anatomy where you can almost see his butt. Oscar-worthy stuff, right there!


the other lion said...

Ya. Something about the way he works those dimples....

d. said...

He has dimples in his ass? Gross.

liz said...

Oh good, I'm glad to see Chris is loosening his belt a bit with the movie thing, only for you Laura Ann! He'd never! go see a movie he didn't feel was worthy, not for anyone... well maybe Austin :o) I hope he really, really enjoys it... oh yeah and I hope you do too. xo l xo

It's the hair that does it for me (no not the hair on his bum)