Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Chris was gone for a week and during that time I mostly stayed in my living room and read books and watched videos and reruns of Pirates of the Caribbean on USA so that's why I don't have any news to report. Oh, I'm trying to take up running again. I ran two miles on Monday, which for me is like a half marathon. So that's my news.

In conclusion, there is a certain blog that is linked on Sarah's blog that I used to read pretty regularly even though I've never met this person but I stopped because I got tired of her unceasing negativity, especially where the NY Yankees are concerned holy crap it's baseball there's just no call to spew that kind of venom woman you're going to give yourself a hernia; but anyway her most recent gripe is that when she visits NYC she can't smoke in the bars,

and to that I say it is one of my FAVORITE things about this city; I LOVE that you can go out here and not come home reeking of cigarettes; and lung cancer is a lot more inconvenient than having to step outside to smoke, the end!

I really have to stop yielding to the temptation to click on that link.


Traci said...

For me, 2 miles = The Moon.
Go, you!

the other lion said...

You ran for TWO MILES. MILES. Holy holiness.
Must agree on the smoking thing.

liz said...

okay you won, you blogged first! I'm trying to figure a way to scan the ultrasound pictures from my first appointment... we don't have a scanner though.... ugghhh!

d. said...

Heh, I love that about Boston, too.

Always such a shock when I go back to Iowa and walk into the fog that is any downtown bar.

Elizabeth said...

Arizona is smoke free as well. It is amazing.

Liz said...

Nebraska is hit or miss. If the bar serves food, smoking is not allowed. If the bar is stand alone and does not serve food, smoking IS allowed. However, should the bar be stand alone, serve food AND have Keno available, then smoking is allowed. So, you've basically got a 50/50 shot that the bar allows smoking. It's pretty ridiculous.