Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sutton Foster has starred in 40% of all Broadway shows I've ever seen.

I'm pretty ashamed of myself for not managing to post "Saturday" and "Sunday" before the bride RETURNED FROM HER HONEYMOON, so I'll just say that

on Saturday we all met up for an early lunch at Panchero's before having to say goodbye; we then rode to Iowa where Chris and I rented our own car at which point it was too late to go to the Field of Dreams like he wanted so instead we visited Cornell which was ridiculously idyllic in the autumn weather before having a mind-blowingly amazing dinner at the Lincoln Cafe, and the next day we drove to Davenport and Chris got to see the World's Largest Truck Stop on our way to Erika's apartment where we played with David in the living room and in the park and met his Oma for a wonderful lunch (thank you again!) and then raced madly to the airport and made it onto our flight to Cincinnati on which I slept the entire time and drooled all over my sweater.

The next week at work I was really grouchy because I missed everyone and I couldn't understand why we all live so far away. Also, I was super tired.

Then this past weekend I attended another writer's conference, and I wanted to blog about it but you're all going to have to vote: sometimes I really want to talk about work and career-related things because honestly, I spend most of my life at my job and it's a big chunk of material that you're not hearing about, but if I do that I'm going to have to password protect this blog, which I don't even know if that's possible on blogspot, so you can tell me what you prefer.

Happy Halloween! Last night Chris and I went to see Young Frankenstein on Broadway as his late birthday present. I was sadly disappointed. The reason Spamalot was such a smashing success is because they ADDED jokes in addition to giddily reenacting the movie's; but with Young Frankenstein it was a straightforward regurgitation with not quite the life of the original and with the addition of really crappy songs. The best number was the monster tap-dancing to "Puttin' on the Ritz," which (a) is yes already in the movie and (b) is not a Mel Brooks song, is an Irving Berlin song, and was the only one anyone left humming. But even that was boringly choreographed! You know, I saw Susan Stroman's "Contact" and it was the best dance show I've ever, ever seen, so I know she's capable of better.

Basically seeing the Broadway show (which is still in previews, so maybe they'll fix it up before it opens) made me want to watch the movie again and made me really want to go see "42nd Street" or another tap show. Maybe even "Riverdance," for God's sake!

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Sarah said...

i feel like if you said that out loud you would not have taken one breath during the whole post!

i wouldn't mind hearing about your work, but then i could use that to make you call me more often. or in the next year, email! so whatever you decide to do i don't care.

i love you!