Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy halloween!

Some of you may remember a few years ago when my sister carved the Mona Lisa into a pumpkin.

This year she tackled another masterpiece.

I think SHE's a masterpiece; don't you?

My mom left earlier today; she and Lynn brought us a whole set of dishes they weren't using and some more pictures for the bedroom, and they bought us some plants at the farmer's market. We planted three chrysanthemums in the back yard and put four little house plants on the windowsill. They also brought bags of leftover tomatoes from their garden, which are currently simmering on the stove to be frozen for future use. I'm a happy camper :)


liz said...


Sarah said...

i have two (hugs) pumpkins to carve this year. and now i feel intimidated. :)

Sarah said...

er, huge. not hugs.

you know what i mean!

the other lion said...

i always tell people about the mona lisa pumpkin! your sister is brilliant. must run in the family.