Thursday, October 25, 2007


I stole pictures from Sarah and Tara's Facebook profiles, so, forgive me. For both the thefts and my inability to resize the photos or to manipulate blogger, which is making me regret canceling my Typepad account, incidentally.

We flew into Omaha on Thursday, rented a car, got a little lost driving around the city, and arrived at our hotel in time to change for the rehearsal dinner.

Next came the rehearsal, whereupon the oh-so-pleasant priest rushed us through our paces and then turned the lights out and locked the doors before people even had a chance to locate their pocketbooks. He was a real peach, let me tell you. His homily had to do with hell, divorce, and mortal sin. Truly uplifting. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

By then Dorok was supposed to have arrived and begun drinking in the hotel room with Erika, but thanks to inclement weather in O'Hare he was still stuck in Boston. Grrr.

Rather than going out on the rainy town, Birkel, Sarah, Erika and I stocked up at the gas station on beer and cheap wine and got happily toasty as we rejoiced in our first time all being together in two years. And Chris was a game participant, despite the high-pitched squeals being emitted by the four of us that threatened to drive him into manly retreat.

At some point, we all said good night and went to bed.

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