Thursday, October 4, 2007

But back to me.

I really like my outfit today: chartreuse-ish yellow with white, light grey, and navy grey patches shirt (Old Navy, clearance), grey jeans (Gap sale two years ago), silver shoes ($14.99 at Payless for Cole's wedding), silver drape necklace (vintage, gift from my mom).


the other lion said...

This is why I missed your blog. Because I can hear you talking when I read your posts. I was thinking the same thing about how I think about nothing. I miss feeling smart!
p.s. Your outfit sounds tre cute.

Kathy said...

Let me preface this by saying IT IS NOT A JUDGMENT. But I feel so guilty buying things like necklaces and shoes that aren't practical for waitressing. Which is why I am NOT tres cute. How do you do it, besides the way bigger paychecks? In short, I admire your attention to detail and your willingness to indulge yourself. But is fashion indulgence in NY? Seems necessaire.

Laura said...

I know exactly how you feel, though--I actually don't shop as much as it sounds like because I do feel horribly guilty if I buy something for myself. I justify purchases two ways: I try not to buy things that I can't wear to work (so my workout clothes consist of, like, old pajamas, and my weekend clothes = one hoodie, because I never feel like I should spend money on those), and I'm REALLY cheap. If I buy something it's because it was really on sale or I found it at Goodwill. Like, the Old Navy shirt was marked down to $8.98. And the silver shoes I had to buy for Cole's wedding :)

This whole not looking at websites thing should help, too. If I don't KNOW about the Delia's clearance sale, I can't buy anything!