Thursday, October 25, 2007


I woke up Friday morning with a splitting headache, my own fault for the unwise combination and volume of celebratory beverages imbibed the night before. (Why am I talking like this? I can't seem to stop myself.) Liz stopped to pick Sarah, Erika, and me up and we drove across the Nebraska into Iowa to decorate the reception hall in fall foliage. There wasn't much for us to do for the last hour while we waited for the cake to arrive, so the three of us sat in the lobby and discussed childbirth for a long time. I've missed my girlfriends, haha :)

Then Sarah and I accompanied Liz to the hair salon to be coiffed. Sarah asked for '20s waves, but got '50s curls, which I think were even cuter; and I asked for a straight bouffant.

Liz got a beautiful half-updo, looking very fairy tale-ish.

We ran a couple errands, stopped for much-needed food, and then headed to the church to get dressed. Erika rejoined us there and was by far the most helpful person in attendance, fixing necklaces, locating unity candles, pinning stray hairs back, AND MUCH MUCH MORE. Thanks, Lion!

Then Liz and Mike got married! It went off without a hitch. Unless you count Father Grouchy McGillicuddy.

The bridal party rode in the limousine around Omaha by way of another convenience store and several bottles of champagne. By the time we arrived at the reception I was feeling guilty for keeping Chris and our friends waiting, but oh! turns out they missed our grandly announced entrance due to a convenience store stop of their own. They set up court at a ringside table, doling out shots. Video to come.

The night ended a bit messily (and that's all I shall say about THAT) but I know we all had an amazing time and I think I am not wrong in saying that the bride did too :)


Sarah said...

HUGE lol!

and i agree, erika was THE BIGGEST HELP. she's so awesome. ;)

the other lion said...

You make me blush. I've only looked at this post twelve times a day since you put it up... I miss you so much already! Thank you for making time for me. I REALLY appreciated being able to go to the park and lunch with you. And Chris, too. =)