Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Monday.

Ha ha! Just kidding! No, I was really grouchy on Friday but I think everyone who reads this is familiar with my dumb mood swings, so forgive the melodrama and let's get back to regular programming.

Liz, Chris, Austin, and the bun in the oven came to visit this weekend. We saw the Rockettes, whose Busby Berkeley-esque routines were mesmerically soothing, and ate a LOT and just generally enjoyed hanging out, even when sleeping. (Everyone took a communal two hour nap on Saturday, waking up from which was like being wrenched from the womb.) Austin says "Waura" now which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I think I used the word "cute" way too many times this weekend but it's hard when you're confronted with that much adorableness.

Last night I went to visit my former roommate, who is on her seventeenth day straight (not counting four and a half days last month) in the hospital for internal problems. If everyone could pray or send good thoughts with the goal of getting her released before Thanksgiving, that would be great. She's on the verge of losing it, and I'm really worried about her mental state.

This is going to be a short week at work--I'm excited! My boss (who, I just found out, edited and is the dedicatee of one of my favorite Reading Rainbow books EVER) is letting me leave early on Wednesday, hurrah! Because we waited too long to get transportation tickets to Virginia, everything is either sold out or $600, so my mom is sweetly driving up Tuesday night to fetch us all home on Wednesday. It's going to be a whirlwind trip, with lots of people crammed into a short time, but I'm starting to get used to that. It'll just have to do until I pull off my master plan of a gigantic commune.


the other lion said...

hooray! i love you! eat lots of stuffing!

Sarah said...

ah, thanksgiving!
i ate a chicken sandwhich for lunch today, i guess that was like my thanksgiving meal.

not that i care too much, gotta watch my weight so i can wear a bikini (HAHAHA!) when i maybe go to fiji for christmas!

liz said...

Show me that umbrella picture mamma! Was so happy to see you guys this weekend as well. Love you two, Liz