Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have a lot of things to say:

(a) I so wish I lived in England. On Christmas Day they're showing a TV film of one of my favorite (favourite) books of all time, Ballet Shoes! And it stars Emma Watson, who is one of the few teen actresses I really like. In addition to seemingly have her head screwed on straight, she's got great style.

(b) Speaking of great style, I found this blog and I'm hooked. There's something about going thrifting that is so much more exciting than any other kind of shopping. What kind of diamond might you find in the roughs of the Goodwill racks? It's like treasure-hunting.

(c) But I shouldn't be reading blogs at all because I started tallying and got to 2000 pages, before I stopped counting in terror, of various manuscripts that I have to read, including about 450 TONIGHT. Maybe it's a GOOD thing I forgot to TiVo Wednesday's ANTM. So DON'T TELL ME WHO GOT KICKED OFF.

(d) I'm getting more excited about the apartment--they offered to hire movers, they're letting us pick the paint colors and pick the best kitchen appliances of the existing apartments to have moved into the new one; and we found out that it's been renting for about $600 more per month than what we'll be paying for the first year! That convinces me that, uh, duh, yeah, the one we're getting is better. We still have to work out the details of what we'll have to pay for year two, but I'm hoping it gets resolved as amicably as the rest of the conversation has been so far.

In between all the reading I have to do, there are paint chips to be sought out and Christmas presents to be obtained, and brainstorming for either is sure not going to be happening during the work day now that Crunch Time 2008 is upon me. But in two weeks and one day I am FREEEEEEEEEEE for eleven days! Eleven days which will be mostly taken up by traveling but NOT TO AND FROM WORK.

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