Monday, January 14, 2008

Children's book Oscars.

I don't know too much about this morning's children's book award winners--the Newbery winners, especially. Never heard of 'em. I do know that Laura Amy Schlitz, winner of the Newbery, also wrote The Drowned Maiden's Hair, which was one of my favorite books of 2007, so I hope her award pumps up recognition for that book as well.

RE: The Invention of Hugo Cabret taking the Caldecott: loved the book, but am unsure how I feel about a novel winning a picture book award, no matter how many illustrations.

RE: The White Darkness winning the Printz: YES! This book was fabulous--read it. It's a thriller / psychological study / all around gripping story of a half-deaf girl adrift with her insane uncle in the Antarctic. That description isn't doing half as much justice as the book deserves. Go buy it.

In my actual life: I moved this weekend, update to come.

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Sarah said...

ooh, sounds good! i just bought a book at the warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain) because it was cheap, and it turns out it's for teens. okay, i can handle that, i read a lot of those. and then it was all, "it's gothic" but the story i am reading now? no, not really. i'm disappointed with it. i need some new material!

i hope that the moving went well and wasn't too much of a pain in the butt.