Friday, January 18, 2008

In other news, I finally got my New York state driver's license.

I've got a three-day weekend only an hour or so away, and I've been so looking forward to fully unpacking, organizing, setting up, and decorating our apartment. I love the new place--it's a real, adult apartment with high ceilings and six windows and multiple rooms, so many rooms that we're turning one into a walk-in closet. In New York City. Can you imagine?? Those of you who witnessed the shoebox I lived in on the Upper East Side can well picture my delight.

Because I am so excited about decorating, and because I am fervently obeying my "no more gossip blog" resolution, I've been gazing at pretty photos on design sites across the Internet, and I've come to the realization that I have a pet peeve:

People who color code their books.

Listen, I'll agree that it makes a nice picture, but Domino magazine took it so far they constructed an entire slide show about it, complete with such tips as "it's even better to make your books color coordinate with your wall art and couch!"

I'm just going to leave this one open to comments, not trusting myself to be polite about people who buy books solely for the color of their spine.


Traci said...

Did you know that there are people who whore themselves out to provide full color-coded libraries for people? As in, here's a whole $10,000 worth of books you'll never read...but isn't that shade of green fantastic!?


the other lion said...

gross. how can you personalize each book and get to know it's personality when it looks just like the other 399 on the shelf? i can already smell the mustiness of them all just sitting there, unread and unloved. i understand wanting your bookshelves to look nice, but seriously. that's like biagis pretentious.

Sarah said...

i can guarantee one thing, not only will my books not color coordinate, but there will be so many of them they will probably be lying on top of each other and stacked on the floor.

what a design no-no.

d. said...

I assume you're not talking about MY Biagi, Ms. Bremer. >:O

BiaGGis, perhaps?

Also, I have never heard of color coordinating books before. Guess we're not in Kansas anymore.