Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures from our vacation.

Here are some pictures from our trip! Let's see if I can figure out how to make captions. Sometimes I miss Typepad. Update: apparently, I cannot figure out how to make captions. So let's see if YOU can figure out which description goes with photo.

Our trusty guidebook, overlooking breakfast at "Eggspectations."

Chris and I outside Montreal's Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ice skating in Parc Mont Real...I deliberately did NOT choose a photo that showcases my nonexistent ice skating skillz.

My sledding skillz, however, are madd.

Chris enraptured at the Cinerobotheque.

This isn't from Montreal, it's from Thanksgiving at my mom's house.


liz said...

First of all, I never knew you were not big on the phone, you've done just fine with me, but then again we've only spoken on the phone 3 or 4 times... Secondly, love the pictures, I wish I were with you guys right now. Austin and I are planning our trip out to see you and cannot wait, more on that soon. And thirdly, you're the friend whose blog motivated me to write out my resolutions, so thanks and I cannot wait to get book suggestions from you. xo

the other lion said...

where did the phone post go? i liked it. and you are a madd sledder. and you look beautiful doing it. and i, too, miss the captions at typepad sometimes. sigh.

Sarah said...

that sledding looks sweet as, mate!

Laura said...

I took the phone post down because I decided it sounded too sad and negative. I have to retool it to make it funnier :) Hopefully you two are the only ones who read it!

And yes, sledding was awesome. We only went down four times, I think, because the hill you had to climb was intense.