Friday, April 25, 2008

Girl talk.

"I'm stopping by Target on my way home," I told Chris on the phone as I left the gym last night, "because I want to get a cute workout outfit. I think it will encourage me to work out more."

It turns out that Target's workout clothes are for crap. The only pair of stretchy pants I even semi-liked were $29.99. If I'm going to pay $29.99 for something made of Spandex, it better have a Puma logo.

I did walk away with an utterly useless dress, $17.48 on clearance from Jovovich-Hawk. This was a GO International collection I'd breathlessly anticipated and then been madly disappointed in. The frilly dresses make you look like a cast member of OKLAHOMA! who ran away and joined a strip club. But this creamy lace dress looked cute on in the dressing room, and actually made me feel like my one gym session of March and April had done something. And it has pockets, how useful!

Who am I kidding, this is the girl who has a hard time making herself go to the gym because her ratty, unflattering athletic pants, Gap clearance circa 2002, make her feel so beyond any help the gym could give her that she burrows into the couch in depression yet has so many dresses she could wear a different one to work every day without having to do laundry for two and a half weeks ... I forget where I was going with this sentence except to say the other wardrobe staple I don't own is a pair of jeans that fit me. Because is there a woman alive who enjoys shopping for jeans?!

Do YOU have shopping roadblocks and weaknesses?


The Other Lion said...

none of the workout pants i have are long enough, which also leads me to one of my weaknesses -- pajamas. many of them aren't long enough, either, but i just roll 'em up. at least you could wear the dresses to work. i can't show up in pink flannels. =)

Traci said...

I'm 5'0". Pants suck.

Sarah said...

i hate buying bras and pants. on one i'm not really a size, but an in between size so nothing ever fits and on the other if the waist fits they are too long and vice versa.

but i do have a nice collection of shoes! i wish they were in new zealand with me!

liz said...

Where do I start? I have a baby in my belly and about 20 extra pounds on my hips right now... no shirts (not even maternity) fit over this bel' of mine and the pants that used to fit me are now too short for some reason that hurts my head to even think about. That's why I can't wait for you to come out and go shopping with me. By that point this sweet little baby will be here and at least I can begin to try to wear somewhat flattering attire again. Normally though? I just can't stand the way I look in short skirts and shorts. That'll change soon though... I hope

liz said...

need... a new... update