Monday, April 7, 2008

Mmm, lemon raspberry...

It's yet another grey, cold day. So far the monotony of winter has been interrupted only by a blissfully sunny and warm Saturday, which we spent in the country. Chris, Shelby, and I took the train out to the East End for Liz's baby shower. Guess what--Chris and I are going to be the godparents to this beautiful baby girl, due in a month and two days! I am so honored and thrilled. Her name is still a secret to everyone but her parents and her big brother, who tried his best (unprompted) to spill his guts to us on the car ride back. Fortunately for those of us who love a surprise, his two-and-a-half year old's enunciation left us more puzzled than before! So don't worry, Mom and Dad. Your secret is still safe.

After the shower, which was relaxing and fun and filled with good food, we took Austin to the bay, where we threw rocks into the water for over an hour as the sun set. There's nothing like the satisfying ker-plunk of a smooth stone plopping into rippling water to cleanse your mind of the workweek's stresses. Shelby collected a few of the more beautiful stones for her miniature zen garden.

Last night Chris and I celebrated our second anniversary with Mexican food and margaritas, after which I fell sound asleep at the nice late hour of 9:30. I'm starting to think if the sun continues to elude New York I'll be going to bed at 6:00 within the month. To brighten up my Monday, I'm sporting my favorite color combination: grey sweater, lemon tee, raspberry shoes. I might look like a Dannon yogurt or the inside of a wedding cake, but at least when I look DOWN I can see something sunshiney!

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liz said...

Saturday was pretty awesome all around. You guys were so much help, thanks so much. Austin cried our first night home for you guys, I think he wanted to try to sneak into your room again for a cuddle. We miss you guys so much already. Happy anniversary!!! xo