Thursday, September 4, 2008

Barack the vote!

I've been feeling so distressed that I'm on the verge of physical nausea. Finally I went to the Obama campaign website and made a donation.

I feel so much better!

Update: Well, I've calmed down, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear :) I think what gets to me is not the prospect of losing--I survived the past eight years, I'll survive four more if I have to. Instead it's the physical disgust I feel at the scurrilous techniques the Republicans have been using. Nothing new there, but just brought home forcefully.--Although I'd like to be firm and say I don't think we are going to lose. The Republicans were always going to vote for the Republican, after all. It's the swing voters who are being fought over, and I don't think they're going to fall for the wild reversals Jon Stewart among others has kindly pointed out.

What bemuses me at the end of the day is how someone so rigidly evangelically Christian in her viewpoint can possibly think it's acceptable to get up on a stage and tell blatant untruths. Isn't "Thou shalt not lie" a commandment from God?


d. said...

Yeah, I had never donated to a campaign before. But for Obama, I've opened by (measly) checkbook twice so far. :)

The Other Lion said...

i did, too. now i feel like i can really talk politics because i went to the caucus and donated.