Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Look, I'm going to leave aside all the fascinating details that have made this story the most absorbing public train wreck since Britney Spears shaved her head. The fact of the matter is, this person is not qualified to be vice president. I'm quoting from the Wall Street Journal, which is a conservative newspaper:

"She has been cramming on Sen. McCain's positions in preparation for a debate against Sen. Biden, who has been involved in national and international affairs for over three decades."

"'She is used to doing politics one on one and with small groups and with people she, in many cases, may already know,' Mr. Muller said. 'It's very personal.'"

"'She has to familiarize herself with every position John McCain has held over a number of years. That takes work and briefing,' one McCain aide said."

The town she was mayor of in Alaska--you know, before that time two years ago when she became governor of the nation's most isolated state--has a population of 7,000. And this is who we're supposed to put our trust in to potentially step in as commander-in-chief?

I am REALLY looking forward to the vice presidential debate.

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d. said...

Amen! Promises to be a shit-show of Biblical proportions.