Friday, December 5, 2008

"Gallows humor is the order of the day."--My boss.

I just looked at the invitation for the bridal shower I am going to tomorrow and realized it is slated to be four hours long. (The shower, not the invitation. Bad grammar, sorry.) Four hours! That's a long time to watch someone open gifts. Wow.

I can handle it as long as there aren't any GAMES. :)

Just kidding, I am very touched to be invited and look forward to getting acquainted with Chris's relatives. (Um, I'm paralyzingly shy without Liz there to squeeze my arm, so we'll see how this goes. But Chris spent an entire week on a road trip with my family, so I need to be more like him.)

Tonight my sister is coming over to see our tree and Chris is making homemade margaritas in the blender Dorok and Tara kindly got me a couple of years ago. Hooray for Fridays, especially Fridays following "Black Wednesday" in the publishing world...Basically every day I still have a job is going to be a celebration, woo hoo!

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