Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside.

The dog days of winter are really getting to me so I thought I'd try some reverse psychology and post what's nice about this time of year:

Dark evenings with the lamps on and a British mystery
The return of Lost (last night's episode was awesome!)
Hot toddies
Red wine
Baking things
Cough syrup (mmm) (I'm a freak) (I DO have a cold, I don't just take it for kicks)
Hot tea
Lots of blankets
Rain boots
Thick knee socks

Do you have any?


Traci said...

The mornings are particularly quiet.

No one EXPECTS you to be outside like they do in summer. (I am tired of being chided for wasting sun. It's HOT in July, jerks!)

Snow is sparkly and pretty and quite enjoyable from the safety and warmth of indoors.

Scarves are cute.

Hot chocolate is that much better.

sarah said...

the smell of wood smoke & sitting by the fire. sadly, i don't get that much here, but i loved our buck stove down in ottumwa.

the other lion said...

i too love all the blankets on my bed. i try to use them in summer because i like having all the weight on me, but let's face it, i melt after 2 minutes.

my word verification was weena. is that like a dot dog?

Laura said...

A lady hot dog!

I thought of some more:

hot chocolate with caramel and sea salt (funny how most of my winter things revolve around food and not around working out, hmm?)
black tights with black shoes, to dress down a party dress for work (and to make your legs look skinnier from all the aforementioned food)
fireplaces (good call, sarah)

liz said...

-knitting baby hats (have some pictures to post on this one)
-making breath clouds with Austin and pointing out which look like what, like when you lazily lay in the grass on a spring or summer day, trying to find the pig he has just found in the sky. It's fun and silly.
-feeding the birds suet and seed
-shoveling snow, believe it or not, had a great time this last storm, I think it's because we got Austin his own little snow shovel.
-getting lots and lots of reading in
-and probably one of my favorite, seeing all the spring clothing lines in the stores these days. It means the end really is near and boy is Taylor going to look cute in all those little dresses this year :)