Friday, January 23, 2009


It's still surprising to me that copy I wrote for a book that I acquired and edited is featured on Not a review I posted. Not a comment I left. It's part of the book page. Crazy! Sometimes I take my job for granted, and then sometimes I realize that certain books would not exist in their incarnations if not for me.

And then I humbly remember that, oh yeah, I'm not the author; and I get back to work :)


sarah said...

i know it's a lot of work, but i am still jealous you have such an awesome job. :)

liz said...

the authors wouldn't be published if not for you. so yeah, you're amazing.

Traci said...

Um, as someone who would someday like to have a book in print, I can tell you that you hold the keys to the kindgom.

And as someone who has always wanted to be an editor, I can tell you that your job is exactly as cool as it sometimes seems.