Thursday, January 8, 2009

Le sigh.

I'm not a J.Crew fanatic--I think they're overpriced and overrated, although I do think they have a fabulous stylist and I love perusing their catalog for ideas on how to reinvent my own wardrobe with new color and texture combinations; and I do love the yellow zebra-print cardigan Chris's mom gave me last year even though she couldn't possibly have known I was secretly lusting after it.

And I have a lot of "Scotch blood" in me so I don't know if I could justify spending $265 on shoes even if we WEREN'T in a recession and I WEREN'T planning a wedding on a budget, but ... wouldn't these be dreamy wedding shoes??

I'm reminding myself strenuously that our wedding is on a farm...heels that can sink into the ground are not a good idea. Yeah.


the other lion said...

But they are sooooo pretty!!!! I'll ask my friend what kind of shoes she wore because her wedding was outside, too. I know her bridesmaids wore wedges, but I don't know about her. Maybe you could wear them for the reception. Or just around the house. Seriously, they are very dreamy.

sarah said...

they are really quite nice shoes, though. they are such a beautiful color!

Laura said...

I'm in love with the color. It's called "mint julep." It's a little more elegant than the aqua I've been seeing elsewhere. And they have them in marigold, too!! Step AWAY from the computer, Laura.

liz said...

they are beautiful. I wore shoes for the ceremony and went bare foot the rest of the time.