Monday, February 9, 2009

Good eats.

Without jinxing anything (knock on wood), we think we've found our caterer and we're incredibly excited about her. We also have strong leads on the music and the florist, and I stocked up on candles and ribbons at Michael's with my mom and did a practice centerpiece-arranging run, so all in all I'm feeling like it's becoming reality! Er, maybe I should get to work on the website so we can send out the save the dates before it's too late.

I haven't been second-guessing my dress at all because I love it, but I did have to stop looking at wedding magazines* because the spring collections are out and seeing all the $12,000 (literally) dresses was making me feel ... insecure. But this morning I emailed pictures of it to my grandma and one of my bridesmaids, and they both wrote back at the same time that it was "so you" and so I'm back to feeling delighted.

*I also stopped reading wedding blogs (except for A Practical Wedding, which I highly recommend) after one of my daily clicks proclaimed "The absolute number one rule that you cannot break is that you MUST choose A COLOR SCHEME" and I've got to tell you, my brain feels so much cleaner and happier. I find myself thinking about non-wedding things. Not that you'd notice from my blog, but it's true.

In conclusion, I'm excited to go see Coraline and Frost/Nixon and to bake Valentine's cupcakes, which leads me to my final tangent. I love Valentine's Day! But I always have loved it, even before I met Chris. To me it's such a fun day to be all pink and red and chocolatey and frostingy with your friends and family, as well as your sweetie, if you have one...I never understood the anti-Valentine sentiment, except for Alison's hilarious anti-Valentine's Cornellian column of 200...3? I mean, I know it's a Hallmark holiday yada yada yada, but I like to make my own Valentines anyway. What are your feelings?

Update: Lavender lemonade! They're providing lavender lemonade!


sarah said...

i'm so glad that things seem to be falling into place for you. i know how you can be, and i don't want you to be too stressed out. :)

i'm not really a valentine's day person. i remember though sophomore year, when ab1 and i went to the lincoln for v-day dinner. how unsurprising--it's not a holiday to me if food isn't involved! :D

Alison said...

Wait, so what is your color scheme? Mick and I want to color coordinate.

Paz123 said...

Valentines Day is special for me!! I love to celebrate it and like to make delicious chocolate recipes!!

d. said...

Personally, I love Singles Awareness Day -- or as it's more commonly known, S.A.D. At Cornell it was an excellent excuse to round up a few cases of Rolling Rock. ;)

Now it involves a tragically smaller amount of alcohol, but I can deal.