Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On a lighter note.

So, it's Fashion Week in New York, and I've been reading in the free daily newspapers some little fashion tips--essentials that every girl must own, that kind of thing. And on one of these lists literally like five of the top ten items were jackets of some sort, including a trench coat.

Now, I've been vaguely keeping my eye out for a good trench coat for a little while. My mom sent me a vintage one a year or two ago, but it's kind of stained and even if it was cleaned I'm not sure it will fit my shoulders. There's a funky tiered one at H&M, but it's $70. A woman on the third floor of my office has a red trench coat that's a total knockout (Carmen Sandi-who?). And of course there are the traditional ones with the belt loops on the shoulder and the leopard-print or plaid lining that are lovely classics and would go a long way, no doubt, towards making one feel like Ingrid Bergman.

Here's my question: when is it ever the right temperature to wear a trench coat? Or ANY of these jackets that are being featured? The other week I bought a zippered fabric motorcycle jacket at the thrift store because it was $11 and I loved it and I haven't gone shopping in months, so shut up. But I can't wear it to work currently because a jacket under a coat is just too bulky, and it's too narrowly cut to wear a sweater underneath IT, and if this year's anything like years past, we'll have about two days of jacket-weather before it gets too hot. And for those two days I'll have a choice between the new jacket, the swing jacket from Gap I bought on clearance two years ago, one of three blazers, my jean jacket, my white day coat that my mom gave me in 2005, a black sweater coat, two gray sweater coats...do you see what I'm saying?

What YOU'RE saying is probably that I shouldn't even GLANCE in the direction of trench coats because clearly I need to have a yard sale. I'm already planning an eBay sale, don't worry. Also, every single thing I own was bought on 70% off sale because I inherited my grandmother's Scotch blood, so don't think I'm all Confessions of a Shopaholic or anything.

I guess now wouldn't be a good time to discuss the sandals I have a crush on.


the other lion said...

Those are CRAZY. And a girl can never have too many coats if they were all good deals. =)It's a law, I'm pretty sure.

sarah said...

those are some fantastic sandals. i can't help with the jacket thing, though. i have way too many clothes that i never wear, and never want to get rid of. and sadly, i think i've already taken several grocery bags worth to goodwill already.